Tour overview

Eravikulam National park is a 97km national park located along the western ghats in the Idukki district of Kerala in India the main body of the park consists of a high rolling hill plateau with a base elevation of about 2,000 m. The terrain consists of high altitude grasslands interspersed with sholas. Anamudi, 2,695 meters, the highest peak in India south of the Himalayas is inside this park. Many perennial streams criss-cross the park. They merge to form tributaries of the Periyar river in the west and of the Cauvery River in the east. See:. Lakkom Waterfalls is in this region.

Most of the areas of the national park are consistent hill plateau. So, you can see only high rolling slopes here. The highest peak is Anamudi (2690m). The forests you see here are commonly known as ‘shoals’ – evergreen tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forest. You can locate small streams here, which later merge to form tributaries to Periyar and Chalakudy rivers. Lakkom waterfalls are located in this region.

MunnarEntry fee for Indians: Rs. 15/head
Entry fee for Foreigners: Rs. 200/head
Entry fee for children below 12 years and for Bonafide students: Rs. 5/head